Purchase tickets

Purchase tickets

Tickets for the Friday Meet and Greet and the Saturday Formal Retirement Dinner are now on sale.

The date for the Sea King Retirement ceremony has been selected as 30 Nov and 1 Dec.  However, due to the possible attendance of a VIP, there is a chance that the events may have to moved to the two weekends before (16,17 Nov and 23, 24 Nov) or the weekend after (7, 8 Dec).  

If you choose to buy tickets and the date moves to a weekend you are not able to attend, we will fully refund any tickets purchased.  You will be able to choose to buy a ticket just to the Meet and Greet and Formal Dinner, or to both events. However, tickets are limited so don't delay now that the tickets are on sale.

From the start of ticket sales until March 31st, 2018, the early early bird prices will be:

  • $20 for the meet and greet
  • $90 for the dinner

From April 1, 2018 to June 31, 2018 early birds prices will be:

  • $20 for the meet and greet
  • $100 for the dinner

After July 1, 2018 prices will be

  • $20 for the meet and greet
  • $110 for the dinner

We will also be providing details on hotels in the area, transportation to and from the venue, the menus for both events, dress code, and how to purchase Commemorative merchandise in a special new E-newsletter once you have purchased your ticket.

Click on this link to purchase tickets. You will have to create an account with PSP to purchase tickets online. By clicking on this link, you acknowledge that you are aware that the date may change:  PSP Ticket Site

If you do not wish to purchase tickets online, you may purchase tickets by phone at 250-363-1009