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Purchase Tickets for Esquimalt & Pat Bay Events

Unfortunately we have had to cease ticket sales for the meet & greet as we have reached capacity for the Esquimalt Wardroom. Fortunately we have much greater capacity at the gala dinner, greater than 500 if necessary with approximately 300 gala dinner tickets sold or reserved as of 7 Aug.

Tickets are still available for the Saturday night gala.

Doors will open for the Formal Dinner at 17:30, and guests will be seated at 19:00 with opening remarks at 19:15. Dress will be formal and will include Mess kit, tuxedo, business suit or jacket and tie.

Link to the Gala Dinner Menu - if you purchase a dinner ticket and have gluten, airborne or food contact allergies, let the committee know at info@skr18.ca

The date for the Sea King Retirement ceremony will be 30 Nov and 1 Dec.  

You may still buy a ticket for the Formal Dinner; however, tickets are limited so don't delay.

After July 1, 2018, the prices will be

  • $110 for the dinner

Link to Hotel Information

We will also be providing details on hotels in the area, transportation to and from the venue, the menus for both events, dress code, and how to purchase Commemorative merchandise in a special new E-newsletter once you have purchased your ticket.

We intend on providing bus transportation from the Victoria Harbour Area as well as from a Sidney Hotel to the Meet and Greet in Esquimalt on 30 Nov. Consideration is also being given to providing transport from the Victoria Harbour Area to the 443 Sqn Hangar for the Gala dinner. More details will be provided as they become available

Click on this link to purchase tickets. You will have to create an account with PSP to purchase tickets online. If you have more than one person in your party, you will have to use the Group option. By clicking on this link, you acknowledge that you are aware that the date may change:  PSP Ticket Site  

BE ADVISED: we will be releasing names of event attendees to those coordinating get togethers and group ticket purchases. If you wish to ensure that your name is NOT released, contact us at info@skr18.ca

Click here are the people who have purchased a ticket for at least one of the events as of 21 September 2018.

If you need further instructions on purchasing your tickets, please watch the following video.

If you do not wish to purchase tickets online, you may purchase tickets by phone at 250-363-100921